ESCOMM – Electronics systems communications Ltd.

ESCOMM is a marine engineering, sales and service company that specializes in the sale, installation and repair of marine electronics equipment, marine safety equipments, software and computers, provide SMB Agreement, GMDDS survey and Certificate.

What can we do
Marine Communications and Navigational Systems Sales, Installations, Commissioning and Repairs.
Representing, sale and service electronics equipment’s and products of the RHG Radio Holland Belgium.

ESCOMM service personel has been duly trained at the Radio-Holland Belgium. premises in Antwerp on varius Communication & Navigation equipment and consequently is authorized to carry out, on befalt of RHG, installation jobs, commissioning, testing and handling over of RHG Group of the equipment to the relevant Register of Shipping.

Sale and delivery DELL Computer and peripherials, computer network solutions.

Our offer for the customers in this market includes:

GMDSS Communications, GMDSS Safety Equipment
New generations of the navigations and safety sytems AIS, LRIT, VDR , and Ship security alert systems, S S A S – Ship Security Alert System,VHF, UHF, MF/HF, Inmarsat Satellite system and GSM Communications Solutions, Electronic Mail Systems over the Satellite.

Supply, installation and commissioning; complete radio communication and and navigation system, or individual equipment, full range of INMARSAT satellite communications equipment such as Satcom Standard systems or new systems of satellite communications – Broadband Satcom, and systems with fleet management software.
We provide with our bussines partner worldwide warranty and after-warranty service.

JRC – Japan Radio Co., Ltd. – Services Radio communications, satellite and navigation equipment in cooperation with ALMAR Ltd. Funtana.


ESCOMM d.o.o.

ESCOMM – Elektronski inzinjering i servisi d.o.o.

Servisi u podrucju pomorskih komunikacija, radio komunikacija, satelitskih i kompjuterskih komunikacija i mreza.
Zastupstva i prodaja elektronske opreme, zastupanje RHG Radio Holland Belgium.

Prodaja elektronske komunikacijske i radio-navigacijske opreme u pomorstvu i snabdjevanje sa rezervnim dijelovima proizvodjaca iz grupacije RGH Group, Radio- Holland Belgium.
GMDSS – radio komunikacijski i sistemi sigurnosti na brodu; prodaja, instaliranje, programiranje, snabdjevanje sa rezervnim dijelovima elektronicke opreme

MOTOROLA TETRA radio-komunikacijski sistemi

JRC – Japan Radio Co., Ltd. -Servisi GMDSS, Radio-komunikacijske i Navigacijske opreme u suradnji sa ALMAR d.o.o. Funtana.